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Type CLC RF Microminiature 
LC Chip Filter

Equivalent Circuit


LC Chip Filters 
20 MHz to 2.8 GHz ... Proven Reliability
Insertion Loss <0.1 dB
Attenuation 20dB min. @
Capacitance Range 10pfd. to 180pfd.
Inductance Range 7uHy to 39uHy
Voltage Range 25WVDC to 50WVDC
Current Range 200mA to 500mA
Operating Temperature -55C to +125C
Derating vs Temperature No derating is necessary over the operating temp
Storage Temperature -55C to +125C
Case Sizes 0805,1206,1812
Packaging Tape & Reel Standard
MIL-SPEC COTS preferred design


The type CLC three terminal chip filter is designed for high frequency filtering, high temperature ambients (up to 125C), sinusoidal and nonsinusoidal waveforms, and extremely low temperatures (-55C) environmental applications.

Type CLC offers the high reliability desired in avionics, medical, automotive, Pcs, cellular, telecommunications, industrial process control, military, instrumentation and power supply applications.

Featuring excellent electrical signal filtering characteristics across the entire temperature and frequency range, type CLC is designed for long life operation. The low profile CLC design provides high frequency performance beyond 2GHz at high performance. The ultra thin footprint (standard) is perfect for use with the latest hi-density circuit board designs.

Specifications and Characteristics

Attenuation vs Frequency

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